Saturday, January 18, 2014

Free Event Tool: The History List

Introducing a new FREE Event Database: The History List @ (Don't forget "The"). I've been meaning to post about this new free event tool for awhile, but have been consciously giving them time to get more established. For those who run historical/genealogical organizations and museums - and for those to love attending events at said institutions, you owe it to yourself to check out this new free tool to list your events! So far, they have attracted organizations from around the country, and list history related events by state and/or chronologically.

Based out of Massachusetts, the majority of events listed in The History List, are from the New England area, but they are adding events from new states all the time. The Kentucky Historical Society has had their events listed in this database for over a year now, and we have enjoyed its easy integration into our main web site

On a personal note, I have to add events into the database for KHS on a regular basis, and have observed the following:
1. Each organization has a home landing page with general information and list of upcoming events + Each event has it's own page with an unlimited photo/video option to showcase the event visually.
2. The event pages are easy to read with event location (with map integration), cost, description, event Twitter hashtag, and intended audience information intuitively placed. 
3. Event duplication and repeat planning are a breeze.
4. Events can be added once on this site, with code pulled into your main web site or through an easily generated widget - see one example here on this blog - for KHS events - far right sidebar.
5. Events are searchable by location or event type.
6. ANY Historically related organization that hosts events can join for free to add their content - including Historic sites or parks.
7. Due to their relatively young age, there are some bugs that you should be patient with: Tagging is integrated, but searching does not seem to pull out related events unless the search term is in the title. Event creation can get a little odd with font appearance changing once "publish" or "preview" is clicked. Widgets and coding can have a learning curve or some browser irregularities.
8. Small company, but very willing to work with new organizations to resolve any issues and get feedback for improving the product.
9. Did I mention this is FREE, and provides a place to list History related events? As a History buff, I LOVE this concept and would love to see more organization events listed here. 
10. What a great way to promote the events of smaller organizations that have little to no budget!

Anyway, don't take my word for through the features, and if you belong to any historical/genealogical/museum related organizations, bring it to their attention!
For more information, see this page: How the History List is Different  
For some event reminders, don't forget to follow them on Twitter! @thehistorylist 



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