Monday, August 5, 2013

RootsTech Rowdies in Google+

Ever since notifications went out for RootsTech proposal acceptance last weekend, I've been trying to maintain a semblance of calm....which has been almost impossible to do since one of my proposals was accepted and I'm over the moon! I have been a big RootsTech fan since the first one a few years ago....and after missing my first one in 2013, I am super excited about participating in 2014 as they are promising some new and dynamic features!

Anyway, after "attending" virtually this year, and trying to stay hooked up with all of the technology talk that was emanating from this energized conference, I looked for a RootsTech Community in Google+ with no success. Even though the genealogy community was still talking about their experiences, there was no place to corral these great posts - nor any place to keep the discussions going. Sooo, as I was also in the middle of experimenting with Google+, I created a Community called RootsTech Rowdies, and started gathering some posts. Granted, talk did seriously wane after several weeks, but with registration coming up this month, and the conference itself being about 6 months away - I think it might be time to take the Community public.

Feel free to join and give it a whirl! Oh, and about the name: RootsTech attendees are usually a very energetic and boisterous group. They love technology and the wonderful ways it is influencing other words, not your old school genealogy. RootsTech Rowdies understand the vital importance of technology to our field and are not afraid to shake things up! This is just a fan Community, not affiliated with RootsTech or FamilySearch in any way....but if they wanted to start an official Community - I would be one of the first to join! Either way, I think we should have a place to celebrate this great conference and keep the resulting genea-tech discussions going, or even bring up suggestions for upcoming get the idea!

P.S. If anyone wants to help moderate this Community, just give me a yell.



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