Wednesday, May 1, 2013

MayDay Emergency Planning!

As we enjoy this beautifully warm MayDay (at least in Kentucky), the Society of American Archivists has reminded us that this is the perfect time of year, each year, to take action regarding our nationwide archival/historical collections! The impetus behind this May 1st recognition lies in the many disasters that have impacted our Country's heritage and archival collections. Just as spring marks a new time when the weather can get unpredictable, it can also mark a time for us to pay close attention to our preparedness levels when it comes to emergency plans and our overall knowledge of those plans already in place. The key for one day's awareness is ACTION. Every institution is encouraged to take some action today in the area of emergency planning. Even if this step is a very small one, it can build awareness in your staff as well as instill a May habit of reviewing your current plans.

To the Family Historians: PLEASE take time to read these professional guides about institutional disaster planning. By reviewing the practices of the professionals in the field, you can learn steps and tips for protecting your own collections! While the national institutions are collective treasure troves mandated for protection, your personal collection should be viewed with a similar importance. Your archival collection is unique to your family - if the originals are lost, so too is your family's heritage. And again, you need not accomplish everything today, but make this MayDay your first step in developing a household plan for the protection of your family archives!

BTW, these lovely logos are available at the SAA site and include Libraries, History, Museums + the ones you see above - so pass these around for added awareness among your acquaintances!



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