Tuesday, January 24, 2012

RootsTech Bound Kentuckians?

At January's "2nd Saturday" Genealogy Workshop held at the Kentucky Historical Society, I managed to collected about six names of those Kentuckians who were headed to RootsTech next week. Which brings to mind our unique needs here in the state. As we all navigate and learn about these new or well known technological tools, I would like to put out an invitation for those of us heading out west next week. Should we gather at some point, while we are all in the same city, for lunch, or dinner or even for a break out session if we can get a room? If anyone is interested, just e-mail me directly with your preference, and I'll have a time/date announcement sometime next week. I know their are so many things going on for lunches and dinners, and of course we are all heading to the late night at the library, but sometimes just after the conference closes for one of the days, we could grab one of the open conference rooms before dinner if everyone is scattering in different directions. Or even meet for coffee one morning before the sessions get started? I'm open to ideas, and would love to meet our Kentucky Genealogy Techies, so send me an e-mail or DM to add your name to our list! And on second thought, if you can't make it to our 'gathering', send me an email anyway - getting a list together of genealogy techies in our state might be a wonderful tool!
Oh, and for the rest of my genealogy buddies, I will be reporting from RootsTech on two blogs; this one (Journeys Past), and the Kentucky Historical Society Blog called History Burgoo. So stay tuned next week for updates! Also, watch for some scheduling announcements concerning those who attended and who will be sharing their RootsTech experiences with some local groups once we all get back home!


Ginger Smith said...

That sounds like a great idea! Hope you all have fun and I look forward to reading all your posts.


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