Monday, May 30, 2011

In Remembrance

Oh FREEDOM! thou art not, as poets dream,
A fair young girl, with light and delicate limbs,
And wavy tresses gushing from the cap
With which the Roman master crowned his slave
When he took off the gyves. A bearded man,
Armed to the teeth, art thou; one mailed hand
Grasps the broad shield, and one the sword; thy brow,
Glorious in beauty though it be, is scarred
With tokens of old wars; thy massive limbs
Are strong with struggling. Power at thee has launched
His bolts, and with his lightnings smitten thee;
They could not quench the life thou hast from heaven.

Excerpt from: Antiquity of Freedom by William Cullen Bryant

A heartfelt THANK YOU to all who served and gave the ultimate sacrifice.


Kathy Reed said...

I love your collage. Is that, by chance, the Cincinnati Union Terminal in the background?

Cheri Daniels said...

Thanks Kathy! I've been playing with Picasa lately, and I LOVE this collage option. And yes, you are correct, that is Union Terminal. I took that a few years ago, somewhere not long after 9/11. We might have been at war already, but I remember wanting to capture it as a wartime image.


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