Friday, September 17, 2010

Homage to the Constitution

To mark the birthday of our glorious Constitution (September 17th), I thought a little fun and education were in order! There is not much to say about our Constitution, except maybe, that it totally Rocks! A document that details freedom for a people is something worthy of celebration. There are numerous gatherings today, and different ways to celebrate. The Constitution Center has announced a contest on their Facebook page, encouraging fans to post photos of themselves celebrating this momentous day. At the University of Kentucky, freedom of speech was celebrated by the public reading of banned books. As a way to open this event to those outside the campus community, they fed the live audio into their Second Life Island space. I am including a couple of snaps from this in-world celebration.

For added fun, here are some primary source materials for your perusal. Most of us have looked closely at the first page of that old document, but not many have studied the subsequent pages. Enjoy these images of the original source!

On that last page I can spy a large number of surnames!

And lastly, many of us remember having to memorize the Preamble in school. For those of you who were not fortunate enough to memorize this with the help of that classic School House Rock video, this might have been closer to your experience:

For those of who are a part of that privileged generation, enjoy some classic fun!

Happy Birthday Constitution!



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