Sunday, April 18, 2010

Kentucky's Newest Historical Marker

On Thursday April 15th, the University of Kentucky unveiled the state's newest historical marker: honoring the University's first librarian, Margaret I. King. The marker was purchased by the class of 2009 and placed just outside the lower main entrance to the library that bears her name....affectionately referred to as the King Library. This library was built in 1931 and served as the University's main library until the present structure, the William T. Young Library, was opened in 1998. Currently, the King Library houses the Special Collections and Oral History Center on one side, and the Science Library on the other side. As a librarian, and as someone who has worked in libraries since the age of 16, this newest marker dedicated to a librarian holds a special place in my heart. However, as a two-time UK alum, I can't help but smile at the prospect of this marker serving another very important longer will the student tour guides refer to this building as the Martin Luther King Jr. Library. They hear "King Library" and think of the only famous one they Ms. King will have her rightful honor in the middle of campus, and our students will be reminded of the important role this librarian served! I will let you read of her accomplishments from the new markers themselves.




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